Is it a conflict ?

Retired employees of VVC on the CSEA e-board, and also working as Subs at the college? How convenient. I hope they are following the “rules” according to PERS, but I doubt it. The college only has “rules” for those they don’t like; others can break the rules and do what they want. I’m sure these retired employees are being used as pawns by the district. What a corrupt, dysfunctional place!

8 thoughts on “Is it a conflict ?

  1. What a coward and a bully you are! Jealousy is so ugly and as destructive as the false innuendo’s you spew, whereas jealousy destroys your soul, innuendo’s is such a foolish attempt to hurt others! Shame on you, you are the worse kind of human, uniformed and one that only speaks to destroy! You are a fool and falling into the deception you created. May the Good Lord be merciful for your destiny is already written!


    1. Let’s get real for a minute; I have known Yesenia for a long time and I can assure you that she is not jealous and certainly not a coward or bully. She is a person that was bullied, harassed and driven out just like my wife. You know this to be true, that a certain person went the the top and asked for her to be fired and it was granted. Then that same person went to the top and asked for my wife to be fired, but had no grounds. You know this to be true; so in my opinion, you are the coward, and if you want to open up this can of worms lets do it. I have plenty of documentation. And for your information Yesenia did not write that post. You have five ghost writers on that campus, so check your friends.


  2. That’s the reason I retired earlier than planned because of the corruption on both sides of the fence. Bad apples are allowed to spoil the bunch because of the union, managers and administrators cannot do their jobs because of it and there are managers who fail to support their staff as well. It’s lose, lose. So glad I don’t have to put up with the political BS and selfish people anymore.

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  3. The comment was directed at the same two people that have directly emailed me at the college with the same concerns… Yesenia has never disrespected me nor I her.. there was no ‘author’ of the original comment, but like I said having received the same exact comment through a college email I was to believe it came from the same source.


  4. I was not afraid to post my name, but I know they are because as I said, they are cowards and they continually try to bully me and others… but they will be exposed for who they are… if they were so confident in their remarks, then I say step up to the plate and show yourself… their comments are uniformed and prove themselves to be fools. So I will not take offense to your comments as we both were misdirected…


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