A racist’s dream college? Does anyone else find it strange that within two weeks of each other, both Trinda Best, HR Director, and Jeffrey Holmes, DSPS Director, who both happen to be black, abruptly left the college, before their contracts were up? And then, Joseph Brady, VVC Trustee member, is being investigated for using a racial slur towards President Obama. Seems odd, don’t you think? The President of VVC is white, as well as all of the board members. Perhaps there’s a problem with racism at Victor Valley College.

The Brady Investigation.. What a joke !

The Brady investigation. What a joke!
The “ad hoc” committee which will investigate Joseph Brady’s racist Obama comment consists of Trustee Wood and Trustee Tortorici. Seriously? That’s like having the fox guard the hen house! So then Trustee Wood wants to hire an “outside private investigator” so there’s no appearance of impropriety. Hmm… I’ll bet that “private investigator” works for Titan Investigations. These “investigators” are slanted towards the District! So it’s still not impartial…it’s rigged. You just watch, the Brady investigation will come back “unfounded.”

It’s like I’m watching a slow western movie play out watching VVC board meeting…. what year are we in ? http://www.vvc.edu/offices/president/on-demand-streams.shtml


Join us !

10/17 SF Stop Workplace Bullying Rally And Speak-out
Monday October 17, 2016 5:00 PM
San Francisco City Hall Polk St. Entrance

October is the annual commemoration of Stop Workplace Bullying Week

Workers and advocates for health and safety on the job will join together at San Francisco city hall to speak out against workplace bullying. There is an epidemic of workplace bullying in the United States causing injuries to workers, their families, co-workers as well as the public. Workplace bullying is creating unsafe workplaces and a toxic environment for all workers. We need to educate ourselves and the public to stop workplace bullying including legislation to make it illegal, an education campaign in the workplace and actions against bullies when management will not reign them in for re-training or discipline. Workplace bullying also is a growing cause of workers compensation for mental and physical distress and is sometimes costing the lives of workers who are bullied.
In the City and County of San Francisco has had to pay out tens millions of tax dollars in compensation to whistleblowers who have been bullied for exposing financial mismanagement, corruption and cronyism. Many of these workers put their careers and their jobs in jeopardy because they were conscience and wanted to do their jobs.
Workers should not have to put up with an unsafe work environment that threatens their health and safety.

This rally will hear about what workplace bullying, who is doing it and how to stop it. Only our collective action can really put an end to this terror on the job.

Sponsored by
SEIU 1021 San Francisco COPE
Stop Workplace Bullying Group
United Public Workers For Action
Injured Workers National Network
If you would like to speak please contact

For more information

Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week

VVC Employees

VVC Employees:
Some VVC employees feel they are exempt from showing up on time. There is no accountability for employees to come in on their contractual time. When there is overtime available those who can not come in on time seem to be the first ones there but any other day on regular Schedule they can not make it to work on time. Just sit outside on a beautiful morning and you will see how many people walk in late. No accountability because management comes in late as well ! What a waste of my tax dollars !

Unethical practices at VVC

Inappropriate behavior runs rampant at VVC
It’s a known fact that student workers are having inappropriate sexual relations with management. Perhaps that is the reason why student workers are held in such high regard at VVC, above that of Classified workers. Student workers at VVC behave as though they run the place, often talking down to vetted Classified employees. They know they can get away with it, because they are sleeping with the boss!
It’s also a known fact that some students have sexual relations with faculty members. Since the faculty union is so strong, the Deans in charge of faculty have no power to stop this inappropriate behavior. Talk about a conflict of interest! I’ll bet these students who are sleeping with their teachers are sure to get an “A” in the class!

VVC opens probe after racial slur claim is made against trustee

SPRING VALLEY LAKE — A Victor Valley College board task force will investigate whether trustee Joseph W. Brady used a racial slur in reference to President Barack Obama at a private country club here in late July, the college’s superintendent confirmed.The formal complaint was lodged with the school Tuesday by Apple Valley resident William “B.J.” Newbern and follows an identical grievance filed with Spring Valley Lake Country Club on July 31. It alleges that Brady uttered the slur in

Source: VVC opens probe after racial slur claim is made against trustee

What a waste of taxpayers money!

What a waste of taxpayers money!

VVC hired the Bodine group a consulting group for conflict resolution. The tax payers spent $6600 on something that would not work since the bully takes no accountability. Gisel Morales and Elaine Navarrete take no accountability on the issues they have created instead point the fingers at the victims. I can not believe they allowed the bully’s to sit there and attack the victims. Workplace bullying is like a domestic violence relationship and you are allowing the perpetrators to continue to verbally rape them and mind control them. Conflict resolution does NOT work on workplace bullying. “Conflict resolution only works when you are dealing with a conflict, you shouldn’t use it for every problem.”

I’m a big fan of conflict resolution. After all, most of the time, when people are in conflict, the root of the problem is how we communicate. Fix the underlying communication problem and you fix the conflict.

But that doesn’t always work. Sometimes attempting to resolve the conflict makes it worse. Sometimes the problem isn’t how we communicate, but what we are communicating. Other times, the problem is that there is no conflict to resolve because what is happening isn’t a conflict!

The old saying is true: If all you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail. Conflict resolution only works when you are dealing with a conflict, you shouldn’t use it for every problem. Different problems require different techniques to resolve.

For instance, if you are dealing with bullying or harassment masquerading as conflict, attempting to resolve the “conflict” by encouraging more civil communication will actually make things worse for the victim, and there are all sorts of reasons why that is the case.

The limitation of the conflict resolution model is that it is based on respect. It assumes that all parties to the problem are rational actors who will respond rationally to improved communication efforts. The reality is that not everyone you work with is “rational” and even if they are, they may not actually want to get along with the person they are in “conflict” with. And for these people a different technique is required.

The Thomas-Kilmann conflict resolution model posits five ways to resolve interpersonal conflict. Three of these methods constitute the advice on how to resolve conflicts. Specifically we are encouraged to accommodate, compromise and/or collaborate. But as we’ve just discussed, sometimes those approaches don’t work and may actually make the problem worse.

The other two methods Thomas and Kilmann describe are considered ineffective and counterproductive because they not only don’t resolve the conflict; they almost always make it worse. For instance, competing is uncooperative and is essentially acknowledging the conflict as something to be won—not resolved. Avoiding the conflict doesn’t resolve it either. It’s uncooperative, unassertive and allows the problem to fester.

So what can we do if none of the standard techniques work? The key is to recognize the limitations of the conflict resolution model and that you may need to try something else. One of your options is to take a behavioral approach. Civil disagreements aren’t really a problem. Conflicts only become an issue if they manifest as inappropriate behavior by one or more parties. A conflict resolution approach focuses on the reasons why a person is behaving inappropriately as a way to help them communicate more respectfully so that they can resolve their differences in a more behaviorally appropriate and civil way.

The reason this approach doesn’t work for bullying situations is because when you allow a bully to explain and rationalize why they behaved badly, you insulate them from the negative consequences of their behavior. That not only enables the bad behavior, it rewards it. The other reason a conflict model exacerbates a bullying problem is because it assigns equal blame. When you focus on the reasons why bad behavior is occurring you are partially blaming the victim for what is happening to them. You are giving some of the negative consequences that should have gone to the bully to the victim. From a bullies’ perspective, that’s double plus good.

In contrast, when you take a behavioral approach, it doesn’t matter why people behave badly, only that the behavior itself was inappropriate. When inappropriate behavior occurs, we deal with it and provide appropriate consequences. Only after the bad behavior is dealt with and the individual in question is behaving civilly again, can we begin to resolve the conflict respectfully.

While this approach may seem odd because you are essentially treating people as children until and unless they behave as the adults they are supposed to be, the reality is that it’s actually incredibly respectful to do this. It assumes that the people you are working with are capable of behaving in a professional civilized way and that they are capable of not behaving like spoiled children when they don’t get their way. Most of your employees will respond positively to this approach and you will be able to move from behavioral management to conflict resolution quickly with them. The best part is that you will be able to normalize a culture of respect within your organization without accidentally rewarding employees who are in the habit of behaving badly to get their way.

For the employees who are incapable of behaving in a way that respects their co-workers, well, they are going to struggle with the behavioral approach in the same way that spoiled kids do. They may very well throw a tantrum. And if they do, that tells you everything you need to know about them.

A behavioral approach is not mutually exclusive with the conflict resolution approach. They work together wonderfully. When you insist that your employees behave professionally, you are prioritizing and rewarding respectful behavior. When employees treat each other with respect, civilized conflict resolution takes care of itself.

Jennifer Hancock is the author of The Bully Vaccine and founder of Humanist Learning Systems. She offers online behavioral based workplace bullying and harassment training for staff and supervisors as well as HRCI & SHRM approved e-courses for HR professionals. (https://humanistlearning.com)